Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Calling.

My first meditation teacher was Sayadaw U Rewata from Myanmar. Venerable was assigned as Resident Monk or Abbot of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association then in the late 1990s. I was age 23 or 24 then when we met.
I remembered I suddenly had the urge to meditate starting from then but to be honest I am not very much a Buddhist. I attended some temple meditation sessions at Thai temples in Kuala Lumpur but didn't find their method suitable (But I know nothing about meditation and don't know what I am looking for.). I went on to enquire from Bhrama Kumaris, Transcedental Meditation and some other but they didn't sound like what I wanted. Until months later when I was doing cold calling for my sales that I bumped into this big white building in Subang Jaya which I though it was an office (it didn't have any signage at the entrance but the door was wide opened.) I was very surprised I didn't find anyone around. So I probed around and found a big Buddha statue in a hall instead! I thought to myself, "It's a temple! It must have a monk in it!?" I actually searched around and found a monk sitting in one of the rooms. The only person in that building. I didn't thought of lingering for long, just thought of paying my obesiance and take leave because he obviously didn't look local to me. Furthermore he was reading a book when I found him.
To my surprise, he spoke to me in broken English asking me," You want to learn meditation?" I replied," How did you know?" He didn't answer me. I then asked, "How much do you charge?" He said Dhamma is free for all whom are interested. Then I said,"Fine!" Then he said, "Come here and meet me 6am everyday." I agreed and took leave. He was none other the Venerable Sayadaw U Rewata.
Months then on I just did the same, after meditation then Ven. taught me to offer meals in the morning for him. The Ven. insisted that I partake the food before leaving for work. At times, I will fetch Ven. to meet with his associate monks in Bandar Kinrara.
Until one day when I attained visions in my meditations, I went to ask Ven. about them. Ven. advised me not to get attached with them, just note "seeing...seeing..." will do. I agreed then I asked Ven. why do I get such visions. I still remember clearly that Ven. said to me, " Derrick, do you believe if I were to tell you that we have done this before many lives ago. We are basically continuing from where we left off. And that is why you will experience results faster than some people. I laughed and I tell Ven. I don't believe such things eg. past lives, I only know that I am living in the moment. Ven. agreed that living in the moment is more important and Ven. advised me to continue my practise.

My practise with Ven. Sayadaw Rewata went for for a few months and I eventually stopped going due to work demands but still practsing on my own.

My second teacher was SN Goenka. Not directly under Guruji SN Goenka but after reading his book I was very interested with his 10 days retreat that is organized by his group in Malaysia. That 10 days was the best in my meditation practise.
Meditating everyday from 4.30am until 9.30pm without talking to one another, without mixing with others but just minding one's mindfullness. During my time it was held in Ipoh Panna Hill. It's very conducive for meditation practise.
I encourage those whom are keen to enquire from this group in your area. 
Guruji's method is the right approach to meditation because meditation can be dangerous if performed wrongly. There are many people whom have wrong ideas and attachments to their meditation method. I am thankful that up to now even with Ven. LP Seua of Wat DonYaiPeuan, Singhburi is practising the same method...the breathing method.I have been with Ven. LP Seua for 4 years now.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am an avid reader, I came across this book titled "The Bojjhangas: Medicine That Makes All Diseases Disappear" 2 years ago. Being a regular meditator myself, I am very fascinated with the contents of the book. I find it very reliable and a very suitable guide book for whoever is interested to begin meditation or finding a good reason to learn to practise.

I therefore wanted to publish it online for those whom are interested. I have just finished Day One, will keep publishing them. I haven't check for spelling mistakes though, will get to it soonest possible.

I hope to encourage more people to take up meditation but under good guidance or a teacher though. Whatever that is written in this book isn't a fantasy or some kind of a mock-up. I know it for real from personal experience. So for those who are diagnosed of critical illness, don't give up! If your time isn't up yet, this will help but only you can help yourself. Observed some cancer patients in the past, I realized that for those whom have given up on life, cancer will win over them. But if they put up a determined and positive fight against it, I have seen not some but many that have won this battle.

I hope this book can enlighten many people near and afar, on the practise of meditation. Meditation isn't about religion, it's about being the best of who we are. This book will share with you those important elements that leads to good meditation are everyday common sense that applies to many facets of life irregardless of religion.

May the merits earned from publishing this book online be dedicated to my family and friends,

May they all be well and happy,
May they all be free from emnity and danger.